Take Your Time Coming Home→ Kurt&Blaine 

Kurt didn’t think a month and a half could pass so slowly and quickly at the same time. Since he’d accepted the job in New York (a day after discussing it over a Skype date with Blaine), the days had gone by in a whirlwind, but in one that had seemed so incredibly slow. The planned date for Kurt coming to New York was about a month and three weeks after accepting the job, which would give him a week to settle into seeing Blaine again and moving into his own apartment. His house sold in three weeks and would be moved into as soon as he moved out. He’d told everyone important to him at separate times, which had caused plenty of tears and hugs and question after question as to whether Kurt was sure about the decision he was making. But every time someone asked, Kurt, with unshakable certainty, said that he was more sure about this than he’d been about anything in his life. When Kurt was three weeks away from moving to New York, he came up with an idea, a crazy idea, one that he knew would only work with the help of one Cooper Anderson. Thankfully, it was just crazy enough for Cooper to agree to help him out. Kurt was going to go to New York a week earlier than Blaine was expecting him. He started shipping some of his things to Cooper, who hid them in his room when Blaine was out. Cooper gave him the address and the date he should come so that he could be out of the house while Blaine would be home. 

Two weeks later, Kurt had a plane ticket in hand and was making his way to the airport. Before going to the airport, he had said goodbye to everyone in Kensington, which had literally taken hours, before going home. He had to leave Antoinette at the farm, because there really was no way to get a horse to New York and expect everything to be fine. There were teary goodbyes there as well, and Kurt promised to visit on holidays, which satisfied his dad and step-mom. After all that was taken care of, Kurt was at the airport. Little Demon and Eros had to travel separately, taking a flight that was designated just for animals flying internationally. Kurt had arranged with Cooper for him to pick them up at the airport in New York when they got there and take them to the hotel he was staying at for the night while Kurt and Blaine were reunited. Still, he was surprised that they had pulled all of it off. Cooper had been an excellent actor, of course, and assured Kurt that Blaine didn’t have a clue. And even though there were plenty of times Kurt almost gave it away, he managed to keep his mouth shut long enough to make this a real surprise. 

It was still hard, especially as he sat at the boarding gate. Kurt was beyond terrified of airplanes, and he had been hoping that he would be able to text with Blaine before getting on the plane. Instead, he had to resort to texting Cooper about how scared he was and that if the plane crashed or something that he loved him and that he had to tell Blaine how much he loved him too. Cooper tried to calm him down as much as possible, and it was almost working, until a woman sat down next to him at the gate. She seemed nice enough, her hair just graying as she was probably an older woman, and she smiled at him, nodding and saying, “You look nervous.” Kurt said that he was, that he had never been on a plane before in his life and was scared out of his mind. She made a comment about how long a flight it was to New York, and asked why he was traveling so far for the first time. The question caused Kurt to smile, and he said triumphantly, “I’m going out to surprise my boyfriend.” The woman’s sweet features immediately changed to icy ones, and she got up from the seat, murmuring about how being gay was a sin or something. Kurt just sat with his mouth open, wondering if the woman was real or an illusion. It only made things worse, and Kurt wondered if people were like that in New York. No one in Kensington had ever said anything bad about his sexuality to him because he was the princess’ aid, and they knew how much she loved him and would protect him. Out here, he wasn’t anything special.

As he boarded the plane, he sighed relief to see that he wasn’t sitting next to the woman who had shunned him in the terminal, instead he was sitting next to a little girl and her mother. Both seemed really sweet, and when Kurt told the mother hesitantly that he was surprising his boyfriend in New York, the woman responded by saying that they were going back to New York from vacation to meet up with the woman’s wife, and that the little girl was their daughter. Kurt felt a thousand times better having heard that information, and the little girl even offered to hold his hand as they took flight, which Kurt happily took. 

Kurt slept for most of the flight, partly because he didn’t want to be awake for the flight to dwell on all the scary aspects of fighting, but mainly because it was a long flight, and he didn’t want to be tired when he got to New York. The last thing he planned on doing was getting to Blaine and Cooper’s apartment and crawling into bed to take a nap. Sometime later, the little girl was shaking his shoulder, and suddenly he was awake on the ground in New York, the huge plane taxing on the runway. Kurt’s eyes were wide as he looked out the window, the scenery already different than the place he’d left. There were buildings everywhere, and people moving about under the planes, and as they unloaded from the plane, there were even more people. Kurt only had one piece of luggage and a satchel, the rest of his things having been shipped weeks earlier, and after collecting his things, he went out to the street, where hundreds of cars were zooming passed. Cooper had told him to get a taxi and tell them the address, and that they would get him there without worry. His first attempts at hailing a cab were pretty bad, but on the third or fourth try, three taxis stopped at his whistle, and he smiled, climbing into the first one and giving the driver the address. 

As the taxi flew through the crowded streets, Kurt couldn’t help but marvel at the city around him. He’d never seen so many people, cars, or building in one place before in his lifetime. The whole city made him feel small, but at the same time, it made him want to have a place in all of it. He was tempted to ask if the cab driver knew where the school he would be working at was, but the urge to see Blaine was far too great. Kurt texted Cooper to let him know he had landed safely, and Cooper returned the text, saying he had the cats and they were fine, before saying that Blaine was home and wasn’t expecting a thing. One final text message from the man told him to have a good night and not to break anything when they had crazy reunion sex, and even reading the words made him blush. He locked his phone and looked out onto the buildings, almost not realizing that when the car stopped again one last time, it was because he was at the apartment building where Cooper and Blaine lived. Kurt paid the cab driver and gathered his things. He walked up to the building, entering the code Cooper had given him before going up to the top floor. Apartment number eight. The number had been etched into his brain for weeks. When he was stopped in front of the door with a shiny number eight on it, he took a shaky breath and felt the uncontrollable butterflies in his stomach. He reached out and knocked at the door, a huge smile growing on his face as he waited to see what Blaine’s reaction would be. 

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